3 Signs Your Alternator is Dying

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Without a functioning alternator, your car is in trouble. That’s because the alternator keeps the battery charged and enables you to do basic things like start the engine, play the radio, and use the headlights. Here are three of the most common signs that your alternator needs to be replaced.

The battery dies

Sometimes, a dead battery indicates alternator problems. If you jumpstart your vehicle after it goes dead and it quickly dies again, this is a sign that the alternator isn’t delivering enough juice to your battery.

Your car stalls or won’t start

If your alternator isn’t charging the battery, you’ll hear a clicking sound when you try to start your vehicle. And if it’s not delivering the proper power to the spark plugs, your vehicle may stall out.

Your lights and accessories act up

If your car’s lights are too dim, too bright, or frequently flickering, your alternator is probably failing. Another important alternator warning sign is malfunctioning accessories, like windows struggling to roll up and down, a glitchy speedometer, or a dead radio.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, bring your vehicle to Copeland Subaru Hyannis in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Our expert service team will be happy to install a new alternator and get you back on the road.

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